• Today at Wang Na
    Welcome back to the former priceless museum shining in a new look. Bangkok National Museum with professional curator Supawan Nong Nooch The Bowon Palace, Mongkhon or Wang Na, the residence of the Great Viceroy since the Ayutthaya period Opened as a national museum for 92 years until 2012, the Fine Arts Department deems it appropriate to restore this historical exhibition to return to present the image of 'Wang Na' again.
  • Results of the last major renovation Every element The landscape architecture in the area around the building The interior design emphasizes the spaciousness. The lighting that drove the work to be unique and magical. Including adjusting the temperature to suit each job They are all created under the concept of 'object' show to allow people who may have seen them within the pages of a textbook. Had access to history at close range Including creating a living atmosphere Like objects The owner just put it in the cabinet. Waiting for the day to be picked out and used according to the appropriate agenda Every item is an exquisite work of art. Presenting to rhyme with the history of Wang Na Throughout the exhibition, it is filled with scents, a strong relationship with the exhibition area.