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National Museum of Royal Barges

National Museum of Royal Barges

Formerly an old shipyard, National Museum of Royal Barges was renovated into a national museum in 1974 exhibiting the important four royal barges, the Royal Barge Suphannahong, the Royal Barge Narai Song Suban H.M. King Rama IX, the Royal Barge Anantanakkharat, and the Royal Barge Anekkachatphutchong, along with four barges with Khon prow, Ekkachai Hoen Hao Barge, Khrut Hoen Het Barge, Krabi Prap Muang Man Barge, and Asura-Wayu-Phak Barge.
There are exhibitions which provide knowledge and understanding concerning the key elements of the Royal Barge Procession, the importance of the Royal Barges and other interesting facts. Anyone who is interested can visit the museum by boat (waterway) or by car (land),
or you may choose to explore the exhibitions, the medias, the real environment of the National Museum of Royal Barges from the Virtual Museum Tour
by clicking on the pictures or using QR code reader program and you will see the media showing the actual pictures and knowledge which will give you more insights about the Royal Barges.

It was originally a royal shipyard or barn. In charge of the Bureau of the Royal Household and the Navy At the time of World War II, some of the garages and royal ships were damaged. Bureau of the Royal Household and Navy Therefore has given the Fine Arts Department to repair and maintain all ships Used in these ceremonies in the year 2490

Royal boat It is a ship with an important history from ancient times. There is beauty in craftsmanship and valuable in art. Also used in various royal ceremonies, the Fine Arts Department has registered various royal vessels. As a national heritage Along with raising the status of a shipyard to become a national museum Royal Barge in 1974

National Museum Royal boat Exhibits 4 royal barges, consisting of the Suphannahong Royal Barge Royal Barge Narai Song Suban. King Rama IX Anantanakarat Royal Barge And the Royal Barge Anekchat Phuchong Along with ships with a pantomime, 4 boats, consisting of Ekachai, gliding The Garuda Fleet Krabi boat defeats the devil city And the Surawayupak boat


Group tour service (Must make a book before requesting to visit)

Admission Fee
  • Retail card for Thai citizens 20 baht, foreigners 100 baht
  • Tickets include Thai citizens 60 baht, foreigners 350 baht.
  • Students in uniforms of monks, novices and priests of various religions No admission fee.
Contact Information

80/1 along the canal, Bangkok Noi Arun Amarin Bangkoknoi District Bangkok 10700
Phone / Fax: 0-2424-0004
Business hours Every day 09.00 – 17.00 Close on New Year’s Day and Songkran Day.